Saturday, 11 May 2013

How did she do this???

OK, so looking through Mum's gallery on facebook and docrafts, there is a lot of barbera grey stuff in there.

One of the main techniques she used was the brayer.

Now, she did teach me but it was years ago and I have totally forgotten how to do this.

I have all the kit needed and all the stamps....there are templates of the words "Love" etc with the centre circles cut out....

Do any of you have any idea how she will have created this card? Just the stamping techniques I mean with masking etc...

I know that there are several layers of card here all done seperately, the main thing I am concerned with it the stamping and colouring of the inside of the letter "O" and also, how did she do the backing card?

I am guessing some kind of brayer technique with scrunched card? but how did she get the leave pattern which is a barbera grey stamp to remain clear?