Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A card with brayering....take one!

Well, today I decided to get the brayer out and to attempt  the cards that Mum used to make. She did teach me how to do some of it once, but I have not picked it up since and could not remember much of it.

First attempt was the basic task of making a sky and water background on silk card.

The brayer Mum used!
I now have loads of these, I chose "Waterfall" as I am creating a water and sky background!
One mask and some crinkled paper later.....
One background!


OK, so once I had figured this out I decided to make a replica of one of Mums cards in her DoCrafts gallery...

Here is hers...

So...I got the stuff out and here we go!!

Image stamped with Momento Ink pad onto silk card.
Image Dippy toe stamp from clarity...not sure if that is it's real name but Mum always called it that!

I used this 3/4" stamp (now I know why she had it) to punch out a moon mask from a post it note! Make sure some of the sticky bit is on it.

Mask off the moon and the waterline to colour the sky.

Ink up the brayer as usual and then roll the excess off onto scrap paper and then fade at the edge of the brayer in the usual way :)

One coloured sky!

Mask off the sky to colour the water.

Ink up the brayer and take of the excess onto a crumpled piece of paper. Voilà  The ripples are transferred to the brayer!

Both areas are coloured and the water has a ripple effect.

Remove the moon mask to reveal the stamp below.

Trim to size.

Backing papers and peel offs.

scoring the backing card from A4.

Main image layered onto two pieces of card.

Corner peel offs added in three parts each.

Main lines added around edges of the backing card and then around the edges of the image and layers.

I added some ceramic roses to compliment the design as Mum did with silk roses.

Roses mounted with syllicone glue.

Peel off design.

Main image mounted.

                          Mums                                                                            Mine