My Craft Stash!

Here are some images that show you my craft stash and some of the ways I store things.

I just moved house and one of the main factors when choosing a new place, was storage space and this is why!
This all ended up in the back of my kitchen!

A lot of people have asked me how I store all of the promarkers I have, well fortunately, Mum made a custom cabinet for them and it takes one of each colour!

Just a pity the aqua markers do not go in there too!!

Now, what else....

Ah, yes! 
All of my cuttlebug and spellbinders stuff!
Mum had tonnes of the stuff, she could have stocked a full shop but thankfully she came up with a nifty storage technique!

I use this lillte MIMI tote to keep my always used essentials!

All other types of pens are stored in the letraset cases just for easiness and they are labelled on the grey edge with what they are!

Well, that is all for now, I will upload pictures shortly of the custom made ink pad storage unit Mum had made!