Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Home made Promarker storage!

Hi all!

I have noticed a few people asking me how I store my promarkers and my various pens that I use on every card I make.

Well, until I received all of Mum's craft stash, I was storing them in the official letraset storage cases that hold 24 pens in one case.

I had about 60 colours, so this meant individual cases which became a pain in the backside when I was crafting away and needed to see all of my available colours at once!

I was also limited for desk space, unless I worked on the floor!

When I received Mum's stash, I discovered where all of her promarker pens were stored!

Here is a nifty, compact and most of all, PRACTICAL way to store all of your promarkers, or indeed copics or any pens you use.

This box holds one of EVERY promarker available and still has some space!

Mum used a small flower punch on sticky backed paper to put on the end of the pens once she had coloured them so that you can see clearly at a glance what colours you have! :D