Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sorry for my absence!

Hi all you lovely crafty people!

I am so sorry!!

I was so active on the DC forums and all the social networking to do with card making around Christmas and then I vanished!

How I have missed you all!

I have had a lot going on...

I went back to college and I am 2 weeks away from graduating from my HND in Photography (at last) and I have also started a new job in photography working as a studio photographer. Very difficult to get that job straight off!!!!

So, I am also clearing out a lot of craft stuff as I have found it hard to cope with the sheer amount there is!

I do not use a lot of it, so keep an eye on my selling page :)

LOADS more coming up in the next few days to one week.

Some of the stuff still to be added is;

Literally 1000's of sheets of paper and card stock
Literally HUNDREDS of fiskars, martha stewart paper punches (and other brands),
Everything flowersoft related, inlcuding a box filled with every colour they ever did!

and loads more!

Hopefully pesky real life will leave me alone to colour in with my pens at some time shortly!