Sunday, 1 December 2013

Morning Folks!

Good morning all!

Well, I was awake from 3am and gave up at 5am and plodded downstairs with the laptop.

I came onto the DC forums and someone was asking where to purchase Anita's Glitteration peel offs at a decent price, so being the bargain hunter that I am, I decided to have a look online.

Very quickly I came across a company based in Heartfordsire called Colemans (link here) and they were selling them at £1 each with free UK delivery on ALL orders!

So, I posted on the forums to let her know about it and then made the mistake of snooping at their sale sections for Christmas....then it happened.


The kitten jumped onto the laptop, put two foreverfriends stamps in my basket and a decoupage sheet for christmas, made me an account, completed checkout, paid via paypal and then just sat there quite happy with herself!

How dare she? *huff*

So umm, yea!

Here is what the kitten bought me :)

Not bad, less than £6.00!